Wednesday, May 12, 2004

And, in other news...

I just thought this would fun, what with the fact that media can’t really focus on more than one or two issues at once. Here’s some stuff to check out:

Over at the Guaridan, we find out that the world is turning it’s back on US consumer products, as the symbols of American might suffer from the images of American power misused. Over in Houston, they seem to now think it’s okay for same sex couples to attend prom together. In Poland, a sexually aroused horse bit a man to death, in Virginia you can apparently now see Nascar Ballet, and if you haven’t heard the “This American Life” about price fixing at ADM it’s like the most brilliant thing ever. Set aside an hour, click here and search the site for "the fix is in". It's a story so amazing that it couldn't be made up.

I promise I'll have some cultural stuff coming down the pipes soon.


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