Monday, May 10, 2004


And now for something fun…

Over on my old school chumEve Tushnet’s blog, she’s starting a discussion of the greatest titles of various forms of entertainment. Some on her rather exhaustive list include Everything That Rises Must Converge and Gone With The Wind.

I thought I would add a few, sorted by category, to the list (and while making the list, I realized that right now I’m in a “long titles” phase, anyway):

A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again
Avengers of the New World
The Artificial Nigger
Beyond Good and Evil

I Am At My Best When I Am Singing Very Quietly
Now That Communism Is Dead My Life Feels Empty
Much Ado About Nothing (just think about it again, just think about it, it’s fucking brilliant)

If You’re Feeling Sinister
The Tyranny of Distance
14:59 (this one only works in context, said context being the TERRIBLE but very popular band Sugar Ray’s third chart topping album which they presciently predicted would be pretty much the end of their fifteen minutes of fame. Brilliant!)

I challenge you, culture bloggers and culture readers! Get out there and make some lists!


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