Saturday, May 01, 2004

Bush and Relgion, some more questions

Awhile ago, I suggested that Bush be put through the press ringer for his use of religion as a campaign tool. I realized that he has never really been asked a single tough question about his faith, and yet he uses his faith as a kind of cure-all guide to public policy. So I posted the following questions:
In what ways does it [religion] guide his actions? Does he believe god talks to him? How does that manifest itself? Does he see visions or hear voices? Is his policy towards Israel dictated by the Christian Zionist movement or not? Why doesn’t he go to church? What sort of worship ceremonies does he follow?

Here’s some other ones I’ve thought up:
Does he believe in evolution? Why or why not?
Does he believe he is a greater authority on the will of god than his church? If not, why did he support the war in Iraq when his church supported it?
Are hell and heaven literal places? Who is going where when they die? Why?
Was 9/11 God’s will? If so, do you have any idea why god wanted it to happen?
Jesus specifically listed earthly possessions as something blocking us from the Kingdom Of Heaven. If this is true, why are you so wealthy?

Also, if the War in Iraq is God's will, how was that will communicated? Did god mention how bad the postwar occupation was going to go?

Anyway, anyone else got some questions about Bush’s religious beliefs and how it affects public policy and the way he runs the country?


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