Monday, June 14, 2004

More Other News

A good reason to revoke the Catholic Church's tax-exempt status (and yet another reason to Boot the Bush in November). Archaeologists found a 1,000 year old padded bra in China.

In Britain, they just don't know how to keep their cyclist-terrorizing buzzards happy. And in Scotland, perhaps they should pick substitute teachers better.

Soon you won't be able to get the smell of Britney Spears off your clothes. Also, she may be Jewish.

Finally, in arts newsall links courtesy Tintin's final adventure will be out soon. Charleston, South Carolina may be the place to beat for best widely-over-looked summer festivals. And, if you don't think Frank Loesser, Cole Porter et al are doing the humpty-hump in their graves after reading this then I don't know what to tell ya.


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